Posted by: Tony Brown | May 10, 2010

Albany Oregon, My Neighborhood

Growing up in the chicken capital of the United States was fun but I still can’t get the smell of fresh chicken poop from my memory. All of my friends that read this will understand exactly what I’m talking about.

My childhood home was just across the street from the Southern Pacific Railroad line that feed the Nu-Laid foods chicken feed grain plant. That same rail line once ran all the way to downtown Sacramento and you could catch the train at the now historic Rio Linda Train Depot.

Rio Linda is also the home of the oldest community Little League parade that has travel down “M” Street and under the Historic Archway. The Rio Linda Arch was a gift from the city of Marysville and is a symbol of Rio Linda as is the Water Tower and the Train Depot. These are cherished memories of my childhood and youth.

Now my family has new road to forge and more history to find as we have settled in Albany Oregon. Albany has many historic sites to discover and many parks to enjoy. Albany is located just off Interstate 5 and has much of that small town flare with just a touch of the city.

Located on Pacific Blvd., the Albany Train Station is one stop that Amtrak serves on its way to Seattle Washington and beyond. This photo was taken during the peaceful hours at night.
Passengers wait patiently to catch an outbound bus at the Albany Station.
Amtrak Northbound train arrives at the Albany Station to waiting passengers.
Albany is also home to the Brass Ring which is home to the Carousel Museum and it is also where artist and historians are building Albany’s newest attraction, a new carousel. Each piece of the carousel is made by hand by artist,wood carvers and painters and each animal is a one of a kind artwork that are commissioned by the local community members.
Rich Lucero of Scio works on one of the many animals that will make up the Albany carousel. Rich graduated from Sacramento State University in 1967 and moved to Oregon from Oroville, California in November of 2008. Rich has been working at the Brass Ring for two years and he is an accomplished Pastel and Watercolor artist.
Albany has several variety of community parks to choose from where families can relax and have a picnic or let the kids play on the jungle gyms and swings. I have found more parks in Albany that in any other small city that I have visited. There are five parks just within a mile of my house. Rivers and creeks run through many of the parks and bird and water foul are in abundance.
A family and friends enjoy a day out and race their remote control speed boat in the pond at Grand Prairie Park.

So if your coming for a visit or just passing through, dont’ be shy, just stop on by and visit Albany Oregon.



  1. I drove through Albany a couple of weeks ago,it's a charming town-I love your photos of it.

  2. Would love to use your picture of the Albany train station/tower at night on our new website. Eastside Christian Church, Pastor Larry Gaskin.Can give you credit for the photo. Please respond.

    • That would be fine as long as you give me credit. As a professional photographer, I generally sell my photos as a way to earn money.

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