Posted by: Tony Brown | May 21, 2010

Dancing in the Dark

Last week you got a sneak peak of the Rainbow Dance Theatre production in the Russell Tripp Theatre at Linn Benton Community College.
If you made it to the performance then you will remember these moments. Those that did not attend missed out but they can see the dancers at future performances.

Just a side note; I too have performed on stage in plays, dance, improv and music. that said, I have a great appreciation for the time and energy that these talented people dedicate in perfecting their skills. Now as I promised last week, here are just a few pictures of the dancers in action.

Darryl Thomas and Carl Massey perform a spin and lift during a West African wedding dance at the Linn Benton Community Colleges’ Russell Tripp Theatre on May 11.

Sam Hobbs and Jessica Evans leap in unison while performing final dance titled “One Village One Voice.”

Darryl Thomas jumps high above the stage during a West African wedding dance.

Sam Cunningham dances during the “One Village One Voice” dance at the Russell Tripp Theatre at LBCC on May 11.

Upcoming performances for 2010 areas follows:
June 10-12               Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle, WA

June 13-26               People’s Republic of China
June 27                    World Beat Festival, Salem, OR*
Aug 28-Sept 19        Danza Contemporanea, Mexico City, D. F.       

Too find out more about the Rainbow Dance Theatre visit the web site at

Until next week,


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