Posted by: Tony Brown | October 8, 2010

LBCC Visual Arts Club

Art is all around us. It is in the architecture of the buildings we live and work in. It is in the books, magazines and newspapers we read. Art has been used to tell stories, ideas and laws. The artist’s job is to communicate and interpret ideas to a visual median.

The graphic artist by definition is a professional who assembles together images to create a piece of design primarily for publications, prints and advertisements. Graphic Artist are often overlooked but their work is evident everywhere.

LBCC has a great Graphics Arts program that prepares students for a career in the arts. Students that are in the program also becomes members of the Visual Arts Club.

The visual arts club at LBCC was first suggested in 1985 by John Aikman who has been an instructor for the graphic design program for 30 years.

“The club has been sighted several times as the most active club on campus and has done many things for charity organizations,” stated John Aikman.

The club is one of, if not the only club that will give zero interest signature loans of $100 to students of the graphics program to assist them if needed. Currently the club has approximately 25 members but fine arts major student as well as others are welcome to join.

Each year the graphic arts club holds events to help raise money for the graphic arts program such as valentine boxes, greeting card and post cards. Jasper Hostler, the current club President and his team have organized several events for the club. Coming up for October the club members and other volunteers will be painting pumpkins that will be sold in the courtyard in celebration of Halloween. Please come out and support them and buy a pumpkin.

Jasper Holstler asks, “We need all the help we can get from our club members, and we need our second year students to check in.”

Club adviser John Aikman talks to club members about the club and upcoming events.

At a Glance 
The Visual Arts Club meets every Tuesday at 10:30
Location: Graphic Arts room.
General membership is students in the graphic art program but all art students are welcome to join.
Club President: Jasper Hostler
Contact the advisor: John Aikman, 541-917-4545


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