Posted by: Tony Brown | December 1, 2010

Brass Media Visits LBCC

          Brandon Goldner from Brass Magazine visited the journalism class at LBCC to share his views about journalism and his role at the magazine.

          Brass Magazine is a quarterly magazine which has two publications, one geared towards high school age students and the other geared towards college age students and distributed through credit unions. The magazine’s focus is to help students better understand money.

          Goldner expressed that you shouldn’t be afraid to take criticism about your work and ask questions. He stated, “your peers are a good source of what you can do better.”

          If you’re passionate about what you want to do then do anything you can to get your foot in the door. It is important to keep trying and never give up on your goals no matter what you’re striving to achieve. One of Goldners’ first jobs in journalism was working at The Commuter at LBCC as a editor and writer. He later to a position at the Albany Democrat Herald working part time at the front counter. While working at the Herald and going to school full time Goldner applied for an internship at Brass Media.

           “You need to find a balance in life,” said Goldner, “don’t burn yourself out.”

          If we really love to write then you have to put yourself out there and find opportunities to write. Put as much effort into what you want to do as you can. Even if you fail, keep trying and your efforts will pay eventually pay off.

          One very important point that was made was that when you are writing you need to research your subject in great detail even if it seems trivial to you, it can be an important detail to your readers. Be engaged during your interviews and follow up after your interviews with more research.

          “Let your stories adapt,” stated Goldner regarding writing your story and where it goes by the way the subject plays out.

At A Glance
For more information on Brass Magazine or becoming a freelance writer
contact Brass Media at:
Brass Media Inc
PO Box 1220
Corvallis, OR 97339
Tel/ (541) 753-8546
Fax/ (541) 753-8548

Contact Brandon Goldner at



  1. Anthony – Thanks for writing about my visit! It was a pleasure to have an opportunity to hang out with your class. And I don't mean that in a cheesy, insincere way, either–I had a blast. Thanks for being welcoming (and for the questions!) I seriously think you should shoot an email with your idea for having people freelance photography like we do with our writing contributors. Try content@brassmagazine.comHave a great one!-Brandon

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