Posted by: Tony Brown | December 1, 2010

Hatfield Exhibit gets a Makeover by LBCC Graphic Arts

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     The Hatfield Marine Science Center has given the LBCC Graphic Arts students an opportunity to give an otherwise boring exhibit a complete makeover.
     Mark Farley, the exhibit designer at the Hatfield asked the students to redesign the “Dive and Explore” exhibit, which is sponsored by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).
     The current display is not much more than a grey box with three monitors that show a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) recovering a rumbleometer, which is also part of the exhibit. The rumbleometer is a large underwater instrument package that measures changes on the ocean floor and was deployed on the Axial Volcano off the Oregon/Washington coast.
     This is not the first time the graphic arts students have helped out at the science center said John Aikman, faculty advisor for the graphic arts department. Last year the students redesigned and replaced old and aging signage throughout the Science Center.
                              Exhibit model constructed by graphic arts students Jessica Bonnett, Morgan Ulrich and Jawann Venavle.                                                                               Photo Provided by Harold Wood                                          
     The process for the display started last spring when all of the 15 students where given the assignment to create their own version of the exhibit. The criterion for the display was that it had to be fun and educational. From the 15 displays five solutions where chosen based on suggestions from John Aikman, the student advisor and from Farley.
     The students where then divided into five groups and worked to design displays based on a common theme. From these five only two where chosen and presented to a panel of judges at the Hatfield, which is made up of, members form each department.
     “A selection will be made after the holidays’” said Farley, “After which a grant will be written and the displays will be built.”
     There’s not a definite timeline for the completion of the exhibit but the graphic arts students will be included in the construction and the new exhibit.

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