Posted by: Tony Brown | December 6, 2010

Morning Glory gives a better look at network news

What would happen if you put Tom Brokaw and Katie Couric together on the same set? Well, that’s just what you’ll see in the movie “Morning Glory” starring Rachel McAdams, Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton.

The movie is about a young television news producer Becky Fuller played by McAdams, who is given the opportunity to revive a struggling network morning show as the over worked, under experienced and under paid Executive Producer. After firing a crass and sexist male co-host from the show, Fuller is Tasked with finding a replacement and forces the job on the washed up hard edged news anchor Mike Pomeroy played by Ford. Pomeroy’s co-host is a one time beauty queen that is the center of her universe, Colleen Peck played by Keaton.

Pomeroy’s hard edge news reporting doesn’t mix well with the shows theme of entertaining the viewers and this leads to a surprisingly comical interplay with Peck both on the air and off.

Although the storyline was a bit played out and a little exaggerated the story was believable and entertaining. Anyone that knows people in the TV news world will tell you that it is a busy, demanding and cutthroat business where mistakes made by one person opens the door for the next great and often short lived talent.

All that said, I left the theatre with the feeling that audiences will enjoy this movie and that I would add this title to my home movie collection. At least that way I wouldn’t have to listen to the irate elderly man in front of me complain about his seat while he and his date wrestle with their plastic salad boxes that they smuggled in the theatre.

At A Glance:
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