Posted by: Tony Brown | September 20, 2014

Single Men Beware

Since the beginning of the Internet and social media, there have been predators surfing the web to find a weakness in the armor. Anyone who has checked their junk e-mail folders can find the latest scam, the greatest get rich quick or the easiest way to boost your manhood. They prey and the week, heartbroken, down on their luck, and anybody who is naïve enough to send them money.

Those of us who have a Facebook page to keep in touch of our physical friends or virtual friends, know that we often find people who want to befriend us who we have no idea who they are. These are the ones I want to warn you about and and the schemes they try in order to rob us of our hard earned money.

I’ve had several years of experience working with law-enforcement agencies and have the training to spot things that are not consistent with someone’s stories. My present job gives me a responsibility to investigate theft and fraud.

Recently I had a very attractive young woman send me a friend request on Facebook. I had no idea who she was but I excepted her friend request. I have just gone through a divorce after and marriage of 18 years and updated my profile to reflect my status. This young woman’s name is Mary Auston, or it is an alias for whoever or whom ever this person or firm is. Shortly after excepting her friend request I received a text message from her in my Messenger appthanking me for excepting her friend request. The conversation went on from there as if she was trying to make new friends and to get to know me. But that was not her true intention as I add discovered that she was also sending these same messages to other single men.

I wasn’t really sure at first if she was a real person but shortly after the conversation started I began to note inconsistencies in the manner in which she spoke in text. This caused me to start investigating who she was and where she came from.her Facebook page stated that she was from Cincinnati Ohio and that she had attended the Ohio State University. She had stated that she was 31 years old but her birthday was not consistent with that age as she claimed to have been born May 2, 1982. She wanted a relationship with an older man because she said the guys her age were players. Not long after starting the conversation with her it quickly turned to a fast serious relationship in which she needed an iPhone so that she could communicate and hear my voice.

Now I’m no dummy and I surely am not going to send someone money or an iPhone for that matter without actually meeting that person in the flesh and getting to know them better. When she got upset that I couldn’t send it when she wanted to she started to get mean and demanding. This cost me to look deeper into her profile and found a gentleman who worked at the same company as I but in a different location who had also friended her and was going through the same experience.

Mary claimed that she was living in Yuma Arizona with her lawyers family because her parents had died in a automobile accident. That story wasn’t consistent with the story that she was telling the other gentleman but she was trying to get both of us to buy her a plane ticket to come to our I don’t know about any of you but I am not ready to buy a plane ticket or send money to a young lady in anyway without knowing them.when I suggested that I give her an iPhone when we meet up she replied that I should send the iPhone to her lawyer who mysteriously is now living in Maine.another victim and I decided that we would send similar messages to her and tell her that we had made arrangements to come out to her location and see her, but that wasn’t something that she wanted.

Now I warn you gentlemen not to fall victim to this conniving young woman if in fact this is a woman at all.  I have reported her to Facebook as a fraudulent Facebook site and from what I’ve seen she no longer has a Facebook page but it is unclear if she has started a new page under another alias.

So here’s a little information that she gave to me after I began crying her and acting like the hurt man that she was trying to call on.

This is a quote from her requesting that I send her lawyer and iPhone. This is the actual dialogue which she used in the style in which she wrote it from her Google Voice number of 928-351-7815.”Send my Attorney the iPhone instead of me, this is Address in Maine ….. 6 East Main Street Apartment 2 Dover Foxcroft Maine 04426.” Of course I wouldn’t send an iPhone to somebody’s lawyer who lives across the United States when this person says that they live in Arizona. This is a desperate person and the things that she is doing or illegal.

I received a text message on my phone that was plainly intended for some other victim and this is what she said, “You are hurting me so bad… and you know how it feel like when some one is getting hurt… I told you to go there your self and tell them that the pen given to you was wrong… Or tell them to track the money them self to assure you that they didn’t send the money to my attorney… They are just lying to you at the Western Union store… Just promise me you are going to do as I say in the morning??”

I feel sorry for the guy who fell for this if in fact he did send money to this person. Bottom line don’t fall victim to some young woman no matter how attractive she might be unless you actually know who she is and have had some semblance of a friendship or relationship and even then I would be careful about sending money.

Here are a few images to look out for.please know that this may or may not be the actual person, it could be images of a model that another individual is using and claiming to be Mary Auston of Yuma, Arizona.





Something to look out for when you fall into this situation are,
1. The individual is in a hurry to get what they want.
2. They ask you for money or item of high-value.
3. The grammar that they use in their text is not consistent with the identity that the individual is using, ie they are a college graduate but can’t spell the simplest words.
4. They use nicknames like babe or sweetie instead of your actual name.
5. They can’t identify simple landmarks around the area in which they claim to live.
6. When challenged they get defensive and will break off the conversation quickly.

If you come across someone that you suspect is committing fraud or is trying to scam you please report it to your local FBI office. If they have an account on Facebook you can report them to Facebook and they will investigate and find their account or remove it.

Bottom line is, don’t fall victim to someone you have never met.



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